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When you see your reality more clearly you can usually much more easily begin to change it.      Little changes can create tipping points that convert into big changes.      Learn a new emotional competency and transform your management ability.      Learn to step out of the box and harness your full potential.      Are you using work teams to their full advantage?      Well constituted teams can be powerful agents of change.      Organized confusion can become simple execution when you see and understand what is really going on.     


"You built a sense of ownership, confidence, and caring among the production workers that has transformed our workplace. I walk by the conference room and see spontaneous problem solving and planning meetings with different people each time. This is simply something that just wouldn't have happened on its own before."

Jeff Allott, President,
General Composites Westport, NY

"You have brought a new way to get us to think rather than be 'instructed' by the presenter: inside-out learning instead of outside-in."

Preston Mitchell Production Coordinator, Essex Industries Moriah, NY

"I have been working with Don for a few months now, and he is incredible! Don invited me to look into the real source of my enthusiasm and opportunities for action. He asked excellent questions that re-oriented me around a bigger picture. He was encouraging, supportive and empathetic. Don is such an inspiring coach. Contact him. You won't be sorry."

Ron Graham Operations Manager, Monaghan Medical, Plattsburgh NY