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When you see your reality more clearly you can usually much more easily begin to change it.      Little changes can create tipping points that convert into big changes.      Learn a new emotional competency and transform your management ability.      Learn to step out of the box and harness your full potential.      Are you using work teams to their full advantage?      Well constituted teams can be powerful agents of change.      Organized confusion can become simple execution when you see and understand what is really going on.     

Credentials & Background

Don Austin, PhD, brings Austin Management Consulting to your organization with more than 35 years of effective action as a coach, counselor, and teacher, combined with real world experience as a manager of systems, production, and organizational development. He comes to you as an objective third party who can quickly determine your strengths, overcome obstacles, and clarify how to achieve greater professional satisfaction.

Don's deep focus on adult learning and development, counseling and coaching, group dynamics, organizational behavior, management, and strategic analysis has spanned his entire career and much of his personal life. His primary motivations are serving his clients' personal and organizational success, satisfaction, and well-being on their own terms. Leave everyone asking why you are managing more effectively, why your people are inspired and how things improved so fast by making Don your partner.

A Note From Don

"I think that a good metaphor for how I see myself when I most enjoy my work is playing the part of the maestro who is capable of leading the whole orchestra to achieve the most beautiful sound and to do the most justice to the composer's work. The maestro is also very capable in helping each orchestra member to get the most beauty out of his or her own instrument and play it to meld it with the efforts of all the rest of the orchestra.  The maestro is always looking to help the whole orchestra and/or individual members to perform either better or in a different beautiful way. To push the limits a little further, I would help to explore the acoustics of the orchestral hall (the organizational form) to provide an ideal foundation for the orchestra's work."

• Managing Special Computer Engineering at Divisions of Exxon™ & Litton™
• Managing Production & Organizational Development at General Composites Inc.™
• Coaching MBA Students at Case Western Reserve University
• Teaching Managerial Competencies, Organizational Behavior, & Strategic Planning at St. Michael's College of Vermont, and at SUNY Plattsburgh in New York State
• Coaching & Organizational Development for Public & Private Organizations.

• Electrical Engineering Degree from Cornell University
• Counseling Training from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
• Emotional Competency Development; Licensed with Hay-McBer ECI and studied
under Professor Richard Boyatzis, whose research served in creating the emotional competency instrument
• Organizational Behavior PhD from Case Western Reserve University

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